Civilization from Stone Age to Distant Future

A fun Card Game. Based on real stories and people. Build your civilization first!
Take your team on an amazing journey through centuries and different eras.
Build civilization and Trade, Develop technologies, Fight with your opponents, try to avoid cataclysms and doomsday.

Rise and Fall
of Civilizations

Go through it together

with your

Key Technologies

Accelerate your civilization

with the
key character

Go through
all the cataclysms

Playing Time

45-120 min

Number of Players




Civilization Cards

126 Unique Cards of Civilization.
Painted by an artist over the course of a year.
Feel the spirit of the eras: Stone Age, Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Modern Times, and let's think what will happen in the not-too-distant future.

The game is for the company of 5-6 players. Available for age18+

Cards of Key Technologies and Characters

Use Key Technologies. Accelerate the development of your civilization - develop the technology tree and advance to the next eras faster than your opponents.
Use Key Characters during a war of trade or civilization building. Conquer opponents resources - or repel the aggressor's attack!

War and Trade Resource Cards

133 unique resource technology cards. Military and trade technologies. Use them to build civilization and trade, attack and defend.

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